About Me

artist, printmaker, athlete, animal lover, technology person, scatterbrain, disaster magnet, self-proclaimed nobody

My name is Jeanne. I'm originally from New England, but I live in Cleveland, Ohio. My husband Jim is a rocket scientist at NASA. I've been running marathons since 1991 and doing triathlons since 2001. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but just in case, I decided to get college degrees in aeronautical engineering and studio art. I work as a an independent web developer and artist. My favorite music is made by Turin Brakes. My favorite art was made by Edward Hopper. I have a cat named Hopper. One of my secret passions is dressing up as a costume character. When people tell me I'm too emotional, I tell them they're not emotional enough.

My nickname, Disaster Magnet, was given by my friend Mickey after I participated in several triathlons  plagued by natural disasters and then was hit by a car while riding my bike in 2003. I don't always laugh at the disasters, but I try to find humor in them with time. Most of my blog ramblings focus on the good things and bad things that coincide with being the Disaster Magnet in hopes that others might learn from my mistakes or just laugh with me about my bad luck. And when it seems important, I write about music, art or technology.