Monday, June 7, 2010

Where I'm From

I was born and raised in Connecticut, but I have always considered myself part of a greater whole -- a "New Englander." (For my friends from other countries, New England is made up of six northeastern states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island). I was reminded just how much I miss New England when I traveled to New Hampshire this weekend to race in the Mooseman 70.3 triathlon (race report upcoming). Upon entering Vermont, I felt what can only be described as pain of longing for a place that is burned into my soul.

The day before the race, I took my bike out for a shakedown and followed it up with a short run -- the whole time I was out, all I could do was make a list of the things that truly define the place where I'm from.

And here it is: New England... A place where...
  • You can easily drive through six states in one day.
  • Every main route follows a river.
  • Every city is a town and every town is a village.
  • Every town has a town center with a farmers market, a town green, a church and a railroad station. If it weren't for super highways, all major routes would go through these town centers.
  • Every house has a historical plaque with a date on it.
  • Everyone waves to you as you walk, run, ride or drive by. Even if they don't know you.
  • The only sign of technology is a local video rental store.
  • The GPS on my iPhone cannot locate me and there's no 3G network.... There's no network, period.
  • "Off-road vehicle" means snowmobile.
  • Every grocery store is a bait shop and every bait shop is a grocery store.
  • The mailman still walks to deliver the mail.
The whole time we were there, all I could think of was Jonathan Richman's quintessential song about New England... called, well.. "New England." Here it is on Top of the Pops in 1978:

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  1. Great blog ... for the longest time I wanted to move to Vermont !