Monday, May 9, 2011

Not the Ironman St. George Race Report

The sprint finish upon seeing "10:59:30" on the clock
I just got home from my trip to St. George and will prepare a full Ironman St. George race report in the next couple days, complete with wetsuit malfunctions and a nutrition very-near-disaster. The temperature on race day climbed into the 90s with winds of 20-30 mph on the bike. My quick assessment of Ironman St. George is that the run course is orders of magnitude more difficult than the bike course, and it's the RUN that makes this race so hard. Adding in the heat, I now understand why it's considered THE toughest Ironman course. But I think it might be the most beautiful in terms of scenery.

Despite it's legendary difficulty and my Disaster Magnet status, I managed to get to the IMSG finish line ten seconds before the eleven-hour mark, win my age group (and a Kona slot), and place tenth female overall (fifth amateur). There were no ambulances and no medical tents.

Stay tuned for the race report.

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