Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Challenge

In my last 44 years on earth, never did I expect to hear the following statement: "You have mitral valve regurgitation," or "there's a problem with your heart." Apparently, this is the newest disaster list item. Is it a disaster? I don't know. I would normally consider heart disease or heart failure a disaster.

Here's the chain of events that led to the diagnosis. After showing an abnormal EKG, I was advised to get a heart ultrasound to find out why there was an abnormality (my doctor called it a polarization). Was I worried? Not really. Mostly because years ago, an abnormal EKG meant that I was an endurance athlete. This time it didn't. This time, I have mitral valve regurgitation. A mild case, but still, a case. I've been told it's not "urgent" - whatever that means. Will it affect my ironman training? It hasn't yet. I can't believe it's something that came up all of a sudden, so I'll continue with my regular training. But, something makes me wonder if my training had anything to do with it. Did I overstress my heart?

I guess I have to wait to find out more when I see my doctor. Until then, long runs, long rides, hard swims.. business as usual.

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