Friday, May 22, 2009

New Motto for Geek Athlete

For my 44th birthday, my good friend Leland gave me what my husband calls "the nerdiest t-shirt of all time" (see photo). He proclaimed its nerdiness for two reasons: it's a Star Wars reference (nerdy in and of itself), and it's written in programming syntax (obviously nerdy).

How do I feel about it? I've retired my old yellowing "Ironman Utah Volunteer Team" t-shirt (that I wear before every race since IM Utah in 2002) and replaced it with this new one. I call it "words to live by" - especially for my upcoming racing season. I am now the oldest in my age group (40-44), and almost everyone I have to race against for an age group win will be younger than me. That's daunting, especially since my upcoming race is a Ironman and a qualifier for Kona. And it all happens a month from Sunday. There is no try.

Yikes, I just came up with a Star Wars saying for duathletes: "Du or du not. There is no Tri." (Who knew Yoda was a duathlete?)

Time to go get my driver's license renewed - like I really need a mug shot on my birthday.

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