Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Shakedown

Got my bike back from Spin on Friday after a complete tune-up. Since my first race of the season is May 9 (half-iron), this weekend would include a bike shakedown to determine if there are still any creaking noises and make sure everything feels good and the shifting is smooth. It would also be the third long ride in prep for Ironman CDA.

Saturday's ride accomplished the following things:
1. Spent six hours on the bike without looking at my odometer until after I was finished (103 miles) - it was the first mental challenge.
2. Found new routes to ride (South and West) - some good stretches but had a lot of stops and turns in Akron area following the "bike route"
3. Learned that I still have inner strength to conquer cold and wind when all I wanted to do is pack it in after three hours and finish on the trainer - the second mental challenge
4. Further solidified nutrition needs on the bike: 1.5 scoops of Perpetuem per hour will just about do it, water as necessary depending on heat (supplemented with Hammer Gel for a change of taste) - no nausea, no dizziness
5. Worked on spending more time in aero position

And, the live & learn lesson: never bike in the afternoon when your route takes you past neighborhoods in which people will be cooking out -- I actually felt ravenously hungry at the smell of burgers - and I don't eat meat!

Saturday's ride was also important in determining if there was any effect of taking a day to fight a sinus infection that I wasn't fighting off. So, only two days of riding this week (albeit, two hard days).

All in all: some new mental callouses formed, will test them on my long run Sunday.

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