Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Update Ironman Lake Placid Result

Yesterday, I competed in Ironman Lake Placid with a main goal to finish the race and put the 2010 demons to rest. What happened was completely unexpected. I won my age group by 18 minutes with a time of 10:32:44 - my fastest Ironman by 27 minutes. The biggest surprise was my 2.4-mile swim time of 1:02 - only 3 minutes slower than last year. It was surprising in that I haven't swam over 2600 yards in a single workout since I broke my rib in mid-May. My bike time was almost 20 minutes faster than last year, and my run time was finally respectable at 3:30 for the marathon despite stopping for 10+ minutes to vomit and recover (wait 'till you see the splits!)

I could not have done it without the always-amazing J-Team (Jim and Julie with text support from "Punk Rock Ron") who fed me, drove me around, kept my mental state in check and were out on the course all day. I hope they appreciated that I also set a new speed record for time in the medical tent.

The race report is forthcoming - and the demons are now sleeping.

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