Saturday, July 16, 2011

Settling the Score

Next weekend I'm going back to Lake Placid to "make it right." The quote comes from our landlord of the house we rented last year during the Ironman - when we were leaving, I told him about what happened (having to drop out with major nutrition problems) and he said "you'll have to come back next year and make it right."

And that was the plan in 2011 - to do Ironman Lake Placid as my goal race and Ironman St. George as my "learning" race. The nutrition kinks would be worked out in St. George, and I would "go for it" in Lake Placid. Who knew I would get my Kona slot in St. George? But that's exactly what happened, leaving Lake Placid only as the race for me me to "make right."

I thought about not doing it at all, but with lodging reservations made and the J-Team all set to go, there was no reason not to. Besides, we all need a break from the daily grind and I still have major nutrition issues to work on after St. George. And most importantly, I bought merchandise before IMLP last year that I've not been able to wear because I never finished the race. (Isn't that the rule?)

But seriously, on July 24, I will once again take on Ironman Lake Placid with two things to accomplish before Kona: (1) to finish and (2) to get my run nutrition problems figured out. My taper has been almost non-existent because it will force me to treat this Ironman like a training race, and I have another important (short) race coming up in August. I will taper just a bit this week to give myself a little freshness on race day.

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