Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Glastonbury Trip, Day 2: Arrival in Exeter

Day 2 - 21 June - started on the airplane. The flight was about 6.5 hours. We watched the movie "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" which contained a quote that may become my go-to phrase for the rest of this week: "You embrace the suck. You move forward."

Neither Jim nor I slept much on the plane, but I WAS able to confirm that Turin Brakes' album "Ether Song" still sends me off to slumberland.

We arrived at London Heathrow around 9 am. The long queue to border control went quicker than expected, and when we got to the agent, and he asked us what we were doing in the UK, I blurted out proudly: "We're going to the Glastonbury Festival!!"

His retort was priceless: "I was just reading about it this week. I read it's where middle-aged people go to get wasted."

I told him we were well past middle age!

We carried our tent and sleeping bags, two backpacks, a carry-on, and a duty-free bottle of rum through too many corridors of Heathrow to the express train to London. By the time we got to Paddington Station, we were exhausted and ready to be done with the day, but it was still morning. We grabbed a couple Cornish pasties for breakfast and then boarded the train to Exeter.

We arrived in Exeter at 2 pm, walked our luggage to Andy and Caroline's house for the anxiously awaited reunion with our friends and the real start of our Glasto adventure.

We checked the weather, we played with their cat Chui, we checked the weather, we got SIM cards for our phones, we checked the weather, we drank cider, we checked the weather, we ate dinner, we checked the weather...

Photos from today:

Getting train tickets at Heathrow:

We're exhausted on the platform:

Paddington Station:

On the train:

Finally in Exeter

And seeing Chui again:

Andy's cuppa:

And finally, the pre-Glasto necessities, the shepee (a gift from Caroline):

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