Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Glastonbury Trip, Day 3: Traffic, Mud, and a Tent with a View

We woke up Wednesday morning to warnings to stay away from Glastonbury due to huge traffic delays - in fact, the number one trending topic on Twitter was "Glastonbury Traffic." We decided to wait and hope the early arrivers would help us by drying out the mud on their way to the campgrounds. Yes the mud!! We were also flooded with Twitter images of people slogging their way through ankle-deep mud.

I wished I had known this before waking because anxiety had kept me up most of the night, and I was now on about four hours of sleep in two days.

So we waited. 

While we waited, Andy completely reworked packing his trolley several times, likely from nervous energy.

And we waited.

Then Caroline ran out to the grocery, and she came back and cooked breakfast.

And we waited.

Some time around noon it was time to pack the car. Andy had rigged up a rack to put some stuff on top of the car. And we somehow jammed ourselves, two tents, four large backpacks, four sleeping bags, two trolleys, food, drink, and six cameras all into a tiny car. 

Caroline used Google Maps to find a route that was longer but bypassed the worst traffic - until the final queue into the festival. We hit the traffic jam about 1.5 hours after we left.

And we waited.

I slept.

And we waited.

We talked about festivals and music and concerts. We watched the people with backpacks walking to the festival grounds.

And we waited.

Around 5:15 pm, we got our first glimpse of the festival grounds. Wow! All of a sudden, things got REAL. Really real. We were actually DOING THIS. As Andy would say: "This is happening!!"

And we waited.

And then...

We were in the car park.

And I found out what exactly are the most important two household items: duct (gaffer) tape and plastic wrap (cling fim). And a trolley.

Then came the mud and the trek.. And the mud trek

And then, there it was, the legendary Pyramid Stage. My heart skipped a beat.

By the time we found a camp site, we were all exhausted, hungry, thirsty,.... 

And ready to party. Cheers.

Our view from the tent:

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