Thursday, June 23, 2016

Glastonbury Trip, Day 4: First Full Day, Taking it All In

Our first full day at Glastonbury Festival was Thursday. I finally got a decent night of sleep, but not before needing headphones to drown out the constant talking, laughing, and sometimes even yelling. I was awakened in the morning by someone playing mandolin in the next tent. Jim and I decided to get up and go find coffee - which happened to be right down the hill from our camp site. People were eating gigantic sausages at the breakfast tent, but all I could think of was getting coffee. Andy and Caroline slept in, and we couldn't even "text them up" with a coffee offer. 

Just after noon, everyone was up and we prepped for the day. Not much music happens on Thursday so we made use of the time sightseeing, and Jim and I were finally able to pick up our wristbands from the Avalon/Glade production office (as guests of one of the performers).

We made our way to the other side of the festival from our camp site. We saw the green crafts including a bike-rider-powered lathe, the Glastonbury Stone Circle, and the area known as The Park. I cannot believe how HUGE this place is. It's almost unfathomable.

Later Thursday evening, we made our way to the South East Corner to an area called Shangri La to see Correspondents and Kate Tempest on the Hell Stage.

There's still an enormous amount of mud everywhere. I slid on a steep incline and fell, but managed to catch myself just in time and only my right hand got muddy. I received several compliments on "the save."

The day can be best summed up in photographs:

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