Friday, October 26, 2012

Streaming Consciousness

Today's drawing. It started as a simple outline drawing. I don't know exactly what I was thinking about when I drew it but there were a few significant moments in my day that probably figured in. I found out that I may never know exactly what happened on the bike to trigger the extreme pain that led to my dropping out of Ironman Kona - my doctor is now checking my blood for clues. I also found out that the only people who seem to matter are the really good athletes, which I am not. And finally, and most significantly, I was turned on to a band called Sonny & the Sunsets after The Shins covered one of their songs in last night's gig at Kent State. Check out their music if you're interested. I would describe it as country-folk-psychedelic-punk with lyrics that remind me of one of my other all-time favorite musicians, Jonathan Richman. It's all I listened to yesterday AND while I did my drawing:

Here's my video of the Shins covering Sonny & the Sunsets "Death Cream":

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