Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today's Drawing: The Errant Strand

The title of this post (and the ensuing artwork) comes from a Twitter update during the third Presidential debate. I had become fixated on a strand of Mitt Romney's hair that was apparently doing its own thing on Mitt's forehead that evening. Note that Barack Obama's hair stayed in place, but many tweeters also found time to comment on a different factor - how gray it was. It all seemed so superficial.

Mind you, I will never cast my vote for the guy with the best hair. But while I was watching the debate, my husband Jim was reciting the funniest tweets in his feed, and he came up with this one from @MoRocca:
"There's an errant hair on Romney's forehead. Is it ticklish?"
And I almost lost it because of my aforementioned fixation and my own guilty feelings of superficiality. But I have no plans on use my blog as a political soapbox. If you know me, you've either insulted me about or joined me in my political leanings - let's leave it at that.

But the hair still wags at me.. and here's my drawing for today, a representation of what it might look like up close. I've called it "The Errant Strand."

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