Monday, October 22, 2012

Three Makes it Official: the Musical Inspiration

Today I've surprised even myself and made it three days in a row drawing. What's more surprising is that today is Monday, I'm back at work, and I still found time to draw (a.k.a. lunchtime!). Unfortunately, today's drawing is not truly representational of the thing that triggered it - the music I was listening to. In fact, it is so NON-representational of the music that I'm kind of embarrassed to even mention the two were connected, but I guess this blog is my tell-all.

So, then, the music is a new album by Turin Brakes' vocalist Olly Knights called "If Not Now When?" I must note that the album name was somewhat influential in my deciding to do the Daily Drawing series. Although, until last night, all I knew about it were three things: (1) the album name (2) the titular song (3) the fact that the music was the result of Olly's working through a bout of writer's block.

A quick background...
People say "I remember where I was when..." (fill in your own earth-shattering moment). For me, one of those pivotal moments in life was when I first heard Turin Brakes. I was in Newcastle, England. When Turin Brakes came on stage, my life changed forever. I though I would have to be dragged out of the venue in cardiac arrest during their set. I never had such a strong reaction to music before. Since that day, I look forward to every sound they make. And I had been dying of anticipation until last night, when I received via e-mail the download link for Olly's album. I couldn't get the iPod hooked up to the stereo fast enough.

It was so worth the wait. "If Not Now When?" came just in time for me to work through my own artist block - one that was sort of self-imposed because of time conflicts - to get me back on track with my own creative energy. The album has an energy that ebbs and flows - and it takes you in directions that you don't expect. It defies all typical chord progressions. It has those spine-tingling harmonies that only Olly can deliver. I guess it reminded me of water (even though there's not much reference to water in the lyrics). I think it's because water is my fundamental comfort zone. I'm rarely happier or more at peace than when I'm in water or near water.

So, then, I bring you to today's drawing. If the concept came to me while basking in the calm fluidity of Olly's voice and music, why in hell does this drawing look like an oceanic horror story? Your guess is as good as mine. I hope Olly doesn't take it personally.

(And please, do NOT take my drawing as a statement about the music - if you're interested, please please PLEASE check out the video:

Here's the drawing. Yes, it's on notebook paper. No I'm not still in grade school.

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